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When I win the lottery... - Devil on Your Shoulder
Go on. You know you want to.
When I win the lottery...

...I will have this sweet-ass ride

This is coolness on so many levels.
I wonder if his family gets a cut for using the name?

Every month I try to sponsor someone's charity run or donate something.  Last month it was donating books.  This month is animal rescue

I donated, but I couldn't read much of the website.  Not because it wouldn't load, but because animal cruelty stuff makes me want to puke. Literally. You know, I can watch horrific movies, the kind with intestine-eating zombies; serial killer movies; disturbing religious movies; psychological mind-fuck movies and laugh through them.

But I can't deal with animal stuff.  That or stories about little kids getting hurt.  I think it's because they are two groups of living things who have no real way of fighting back.

Speaking of animals, I'd like to ask David Duchovny and the people at the Pedigree Dog Food advertising agency to LAY OFF THE SAD "DOG IN A POUND" COMMERCIALS ALREADY!!!  I know you're donating money to no-kill shelters and I think that's great.  But I'm really tired of trying to watch the morning news for weather updates and being sucked into one of your commercials that make me 1.) cry and run my mascera and 2.) want to go out and adopt every dog I can find because I DON'T EVEN LIKE DOGS THAT MUCH!!  Bring back the happy puppy commercials. Please.

After the sad, I bring you this bit of joy:

Come to the Smoking Section