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The crack just keeps on coming... - Devil on Your Shoulder
Go on. You know you want to.
The crack just keeps on coming...

Ugh.  I cringe as I type this.  Okay.....The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series is going to be a movie on IFC.

I started reading the Anita Blake series by Laurel K. Hamilton some years ago.  It's a good idea:  in a world where vampires, were-animals and magic are trying to exist side by side with the mundanes, someone has to enforce the rules.  In St. Louis, that someone is Anita Blake, a federally authorized vampire killer.  See, if a vamp breaks the law, there's only one punishment and that's a short walk on a sunny pier.  Our girl Anita has dispatched many a bad vampire.  But the longer she does her job, the harder it is to tell good from bad.  For most of Anita's life, morality was a black and white concept and she's the Good Guy.  But what if she's not.  What if she enjoys her job just a little too much? What if she's actually a darker creature than those she hunts?

That sounds good, right?  Glen Morgan should totally take the plot in that direction because that's interesting and not all how the books handled the story.

This movie news got me thinking about the books themselves. Sixteen books into the series and I think a little over a year has passed in subjective time for the characters because oh, my goodness these people have lots of issues and they talk about them for chapters and chapters while nothing else happens and then boom, the book is over.  This sort of time frame means the characters don't grow organically, they do and say things which may or may not be correct for their character in order to move the plot. 

When the series started, each book was in essence a murder mystery with a paranormal twist.  They weren't Shakespeare, but they were decent stories with some interesting characters so I ignored lazy writing. But over time Hamilton's plots got progressively darker, more sadistic and often screech to a halt.  What started as simple cast of characters including Anita, her boyfriend, her boss at her "day job" (which is raising the dead for brief periods of time to get information from the deceased), a random co-worker, her two cop buddies, a few random informants, and the eventual Big Bad of that particular tale has now grown to encompass hundreds of named recurring characters who either hate Anita or owe allegiance to Anita or have really graphic sex with Anita.  Or all three at the same time. 

While we're on the topic, the sex is the most polarizing thing about the later Anita Blake books.  It's graphic and it includes Anita and vampires and were-animals in various combinations of the parties involved and it would be pretty hot except that 1.) Anita stops the proceedings 99 times out of 100 to kvetch about some moral ambiguity she's feeling (usually for about 20 pages) and 2.) every character is very deeply wounded due to some serious sexual abuse in their past.  Knowing that in the past the two super beautiful vampires Anita is bumping uglies with had been tortured, humiliated, degraded, enslaved, hunted, raped and deformed in some way really takes the shine off what on paper should be a very nice threesome.  

As the series progresses, Anita is mentally connected with certain people, certain people are connected to her, some characters can pool their powers and she's compelled to have sex quite a often.  Why?  Because she's mentally connected to a vampire that feeds on sex as well as blood and.... but it's a really long, icky story and while it was kind of cool at first glance... it now makes my stomach hurt.  

Interestingly, Hamilton has toned the sex way back in the last couple books, so maybe someone told her her subconscious was showing.

These books are just bad but I admit I've read every one because I just can't believe how the author twists these characters up.  Also I read them for free from the library.

In summation: I can't decide if I'm mad that a poor author is making bank from poor writing and will feel vindicated, or happy that maybe if Hamilton does get a sweet payday she'll take a long vacation from writing. 

Or maybe I'm still pissed that Moonlight was cancelled.

I know, deep down, my president really IS this geeky.  And I love him for it. 

You know Edward was thinking it.

Has anybody heard anything about the new Prisoner remake?
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jodiferous From: jodiferous Date: April 2nd, 2009 03:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
You are so right about the books. After nine, things went downhill rapidly. That's when I started noticing how bad the writing is, or how a five minute scene could take her 50 pages to write.
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