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I've read this story... - Devil on Your Shoulder
Go on. You know you want to.
I've read this story...

It seems there are a species of ants that are all female and reproduce by cloning.  I've read that story before.  Alice Sheldon, you were so amazing.

What do henchmen do with their spare time?  Start a book club.

The more I read about the Star Trek porn movie, the more I want to see it.  It looks like they really tried with the costumes and sets.  I wonder what the music will sound like?  The dude playing Kirk is able to throw a Full Shatner so I have hope for at least some of the acting.  I know we won't see Kirk and Spock making sweet love down by the fire, but still.  It could actually work.  If they can sell this maybe there'd be an entire series of moives based on the incarnations of Trek.  I'm giggling just thinking about it.

It's Friday, it's 70 degress out, I have a full evening of fan girl goodness planned, and I broke down and bought the new Green Day single "Know You Enemy" off I-Tunes.   I will be blasting it on the car stereo all the way home!  There's something about Green Day that makes me feel 19 years old  and pissed off, and I love them for that. 
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