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Cat Yodeling - Devil on Your Shoulder
Go on. You know you want to.
Cat Yodeling

No, really.  You can see the video down below.

I had a lovely weekend in
Ohio, courtesy of beeej  and mom of beeej.  Also Mr. beeej drove, so big ups to him as well.  I  have photos but of course I and my camera are at work while my camera/computer cable is at home.  Tonight, there will be photos.

The weather here is rainy but there isn't nearly enough lightning......OH MY GOD!!!


Oh, James.  A Sci Fi original?  Really?  I mean, full marks for rocking the hair and scary face, plus they gave you a nice stick to carry around but....really?  You know I'm totally your bitch, Callis, so I'll be watching this, but you're gonna owe me.  Bonus points to Sciffy for not updating their website with the new spelling of "Sy Fy".  I think their web department believes, like the majority of us, that it's stupid.

And now, as promised Cat Yodeling:

Come to the Smoking Section