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I'mma let you finish... - Devil on Your Shoulder
Go on. You know you want to.
I'mma let you finish...

I conceed that Sci Fi Wire did something funny.

Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory did not win an Emmy last night, and I'm all right with that. Winning an Emmy brings scrutiny and hype and a whole lot of people being in your face.  It's just....I have no real data upon which to base this feeling, but I feel that Jim is better off right now.

On the flip side, Chenowith winning is awesome and I hope she does get a part on Mad Men.  She'd be amazing as, like, a housewife whose sold the most Tupperware or something in one year and she gets flown to NY to feature in an ad campaign.   And Joan takes her out for a night on the town with the girls and Chenowith's character totally hits on her.   That shit would rock.

Speaking of rocking, the Dr. Horrible bit was very nice to see.

But my two favorite parts of the evening: The supporing actresses wearing eye gear and John Hodgman.

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